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Lesley Goff is one of the world’s leading Animal Physiotherapists. Lesley holds a doctorate in the equine sacroiliac joint kinematics and morphology, which she achieved at the University of Queensland, Australia. Stephanie Batterham gained her post graduate qualifications in Animal Physiotherapy from the University of Liverpool, UK. Contact us.

Online equine taping course

Dr Lesley Goff has produced a short course on how to tape the equine athlete. In addition to teaching you the basics of equine taping, it is also a useful overview of equine muscular anatomy. To view the course, please use the link provided here.

Canine Physiotherapy

Provide pain relief, enhance the healing process following injury, and ensure optimal muscle function.

Equine Physiotherapy

The horse is an elite athlete, and should be given the chance to reach the optimal level of performance.